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You're just looking at it

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You're just looking at it from the wrong point of reference. If you're in Russia that makes perfect sense.

This is because the world

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This is because the world does not revolve around we Americans. Could it be possible that these terms are from a different point of view? Maybe you can Google it....

Wow, people. This is suppose

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Wow, people. This is suppose to be a joke. But if you insist on taking it seriously, it is time to accept that as the East becomes "westernized," these terms are becoming obsolete. It is time for us to get over our sensitivities and anti-superpower agendas long enough to accept the fact that "East" and "West" do not make sense to the Americas, Australia, or Japan, and because these countries have become big players in our global economy, we need to accept the fact that although Europe has tried really hard (and arguably succeeded) to keep up in the last century, they have been losing their power in world politics since the end of World War I and will continue to decline as the East rises.

its from the European

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its from the European perspective.

It has to do with the

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It has to do with the hemispheres
East and West split from the Prime Maridian


No, it doesn't. Eastern and

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No, it doesn't. Eastern and Western civilizations are both routed in the Eastern Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere is often considered and extension of Western Civilization, but this is a historical perspective that has little to do with its physical location.

*rooted, not routed.

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*rooted, not routed.

Meridien of greewhich is at

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Meridien of greewhich is at In europe (london,), and the line of change day is at new-zealand.

and the worl turn via

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and the worl turn via east,and not around U.S.A hihi

either way its kinda strange

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either way its kinda strange that if you sail east you end up on the west coast, and vice versa

Your not the center of

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Your not the center of everything

Everything is relative to the

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Everything is relative to the observer. East is always east of you, west is always west of you, etc. The place named "the east" can be in either direction depending on your location. Likewise, the place named "the west" can be in either direction. From your position, you are the center of everything, because everything is seen from your point of view.

Stolen fom xkcd

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Stolen fom xkcd


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I think you mean relative.

Also, yeah. Stolen from xkcd. Please give credit where credit is due.

who puts the americas in the

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who puts the americas in the middle of the map enyway LOSER!

Well, considering that big

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Well, considering that big scale world exploration and colonization of the current civilisation pretty much started from Portugal, Spain, the Netherland and the U.K. it's not all that strange after all.

Bless em. They're only young.

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Bless em. They're only young. ;)

I guess somebody had to

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I guess somebody had to define where east and west came from!Hahaha. Like the Earth gives a shit. She just keeps on turnin' don't she?

I think some people are

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I think some people are missing the point.

My god this is stupid :-) So

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My god this is stupid :-) So im gonna make it clear for you, mericans. This point of view is taken from Berlin wall (part of this, considering exSSSR countries to be eastern and capitalistic countries as western) and european thinking about western and eastern countries. The middle is in the center of europe and goes thru Berlin, Prague and border of italy. Everything on the left (ends with USA border with pacific ocean) is considered as West, on the right, there is middle east and east (this goes even further to about 16 century). THE END

You Are Dumb

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Im one of those 'mericans, and you sir, are an idiot. It is viewed as from the Prime Meridian, which is Greenwich, England. Such as the time zone GMT -Greenwich Mean Time-

It has nothing to do with Berlin or the wall.

You are dumb.

Do not confuse stupid teenagers with Americans in general, especially after you yourself make an idiotic and erroneous statement.

Except the expressions "West"

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Except the expressions "West" and "East" began to be overused after WW2, so the Berlin Wall thing makes perfect sense, it is not stupid at all.

FYI there is no official origin for the expression. It is classicly considered to be linked with the Greek culture, that is common ground for all "western" countries.
Some think it appeared during Renaissance.
Some others think it has to do with the european colonial empires.

It has so many possible meanings, and the Cold War one makes perfect sens too.
The division from Greenwich is a very strict scientific point of view, which doesn't do justice to the cultural background of the expression West and Est ; plus, it is not logical considering that if the division is made in London, France and Italy (for example) should be part of the "East", which they are not.

I apologize for the grammar mistakes I am sure I have made ; English is not my mother language. I just think everyone on the internet should stop calling each other dumb, and take a breath.

The part that bugs me is, if

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The part that bugs me is, if you move the X north a little, that's what is referred to as "central Canada". Seriously. WTF, Toronto?

This is just being looked at

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This is just being looked at the wrong way. The countries between Europe and Asia are called the Middle East. From there West is West, and East is East. America is not the centre, and should not be in this map.

Obviously, it's because the

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Obviously, it's because the world doesn't revolve around America. It's because it revolves around the UK, instead ;)

Whoever was posting about the line going through the middle of Berlin, wuh? It's through the Meridian line, which passes through Greenwich in London, and is equivalent to 0 degrees latitude.

Sooo... as France, Belgium,

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Sooo... as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Danemark, Italy and Spain (and all Western european countries really) are at the east of the Greenwich Meridian, it means they are part of the East and not from the West ?

The expression is not based on a Greenwich division. It is cultural, it was born in Europe, probably during the Renaissance when the vision of our world expanded.

Is it not supposed to be a

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Is it not supposed to be a joke...

Whats funnier than the

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Whats funnier than the picture, is you ppl trying to sound smart, when its still a picture ment to invoke humor lol

its because the world is

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its because the world is round and not flat, plus the East and the West are geopolitical constructs.

someone probably already

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someone probably already explained by now but its that way because when the teach history like that this happened in a period when America wasn't known so history is taken from the point of view of the middle of Europe and Asia back when those two continents were the only two really well recorded places in historical text

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