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how beautiful!

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how beautiful!

That's racist.

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That's racist.

How is it racist? We're not

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How is it racist? We're not even talking about a race! We're talking about the COLOR white. Maybe you should rethink the meaning of racism before you look stupid. Plus, white is beautiful, and these pictures are beautiful. Stop looking at everything in such a offending way, and enjoy beauty.

Don't even pull the racist

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Don't even pull the racist card on this one. You want to see black nature? Close your eyes. There you go. You're welcome.

mel means such "an" offending

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mel means such "an" offending way. also, flowers can't count twice and dolphins are grey...

I'm disappointed that there

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I'm disappointed that there is no albino humans :(


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Pssst.....enxcore.......Orcas not dolphins (or Killer whales if you prefer)
love the photo's


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pssst.......Roland.......... orcas (or killer wales) are a type of dolphin.

They are sweet pics.

pssst... Cam... WIN =D

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pssst... Cam... WIN =D

I can''t believe how this was

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I can''t believe how this was turned into such a racist thing. This is beauty, and I am sure dark-colored things are just as beautiful when a picture is taken at the right moment. Just because the photographer/photo-assembler chose white as theme doesn't make it racist. AHEM warren gregory, daniel, and babababa.

everyone's a little bit

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everyone's a little bit racist sometimes, doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes!

my first thought was white is right even though I am not a racist by any means...

racism in not generally a funny thing, but come on! lighten up a little.

lol, can the 40 year old moms

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lol, can the 40 year old moms get back to taking care of their kids and stop wasting time getting trolled on the internet? talkin to mel, passerby, etc.

btw, this is racist

That's one chubby pigeon.

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That's one chubby pigeon.

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I get pleasure from, cause I discovered just what I was having a look for.
You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.


how about yu all shutupp

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how about yu all shutupp

Those photos are so

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Those photos are so extraordinary : the grandest beauty lies in nature. Thank you for such a nice exposé.

i wanna know how this is

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i wanna know how this is racist?

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